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Ayurveda Consultation & Dosha Lunch

Doha Lunch by Ayurveda consultation is just started. According to Ayurveda,everything in this universe is evolved from basic units of matter or elements — earth, water, fire, air and space. From these concept the basic theory of the health science —- the Tri-dosha theory has evolved, and it states their health is the equilibrium of these factors — VATA, PITTA, KAPHA and disease is its disturbance. We provide a lunch aimed at balancing your body and mind based on Ayurveda consultation. It will be provided at THB800 (usually 980 Baht) per promotion in April.
This package is not served from 13th to 17th April due to Songkran Holidays

* Tuesday through Saturday (Sunday and Monday are closed) (Consultation will be completed in approximately 10 minutes per person)
*Booking is required in adavance. *Available from Tuesday to Saturday(11 am-16pm).
* Free pick up service is available.