Corona Virus Infection in Thailand

My name is Takuro Ebata, managing director of CORAN boutique spa.

The spread of corona virus infections worldwide is being of great concern right now.
There are more than 30 people who are infected people in Thailand.
I think people coming from another countries are very worried.

The number of infected people in Thailand has increased to 33 until today (dated on 12th February 2020).
None of them died. Fortunately, all 33 infected people in Thailand are getting recovered and well.
None of CORAN staff infected corona virus.
I believe that high temperature and humidity probably helps to kill virus in Thailand.

The situation Thailand is as bellow now.
-There is a risk of infection as many Chinese are already involved during Chinese New Year.
-Even if infected, there is a good chance of recovery by proper treatment because there is a well-equipped hospital.

The priority of what we can do now is to focus on prevention.
Preparation of masks and disinfectants, confirmation of hospital arrangements and receiving destinations.

If you consider only CORAN boutique spa, the possibility of infection is quite low.
However, during your stay you will have the opportunity to visit hotels, restaurants and various tourist spots,
So the risks at those places are somewhat higher because more people are crowed.

I have a position as a managing director. I have responsible to take care of guests well, and let guests be safe as much as possible.
I believe that everyone has the responsibility to return home without any infections.

If you decide to travel to Thailand, please make sure you have overseas travel insurance.
If you feel unwell before traveling, please be sure to consult a doctor.
Also, bring your precautionary necessities.

CORAN boutique spa will take care of your valuable time, please do not hesitate if you have any questions.
Best Regards,

Takuro EBATA