CORAN is the meaning of “ripple of water”

To the route of your root

Please imagine that you drop water by one drop. Ripple spreads slowly and peacefully with keeping balance. It is real beauty of Nature. It can be applied also to human being. It is the one of most imporatant elements to keep the balance betwenn body and mind.
We help your ripple with CORAN’s original methods.

We name CORAN boutique spa. Boutique means “Unit” in French. Boutique comes from 3 elements. We bring a refined spa “Tradition” from Thailand, “Concept” from France and “Professionalism” from Japan.

CORAN offer well-trained therapists.
There is a training center, “CORAN therapist school” in CORAN boutique spa.
We train Thai Traditional Massage, Foot Reflexology, Herbalball Compress Massage, Aromatherapy Body Massage ,Spa Body Facial Treatment and all of spa behavior and technics to all of therapists. Please feel their hands.

CORAN offer well-selected products.
You would basically choose treatment from Aromatherapy or Indian traditional tretment. We aim at effective treatment with well-selected products from European countries, especially France because European countries are advanced countries for beauty esthe field.

We always look for what is the best for guests. Please find real beauty at CORAN.

CORAN offer supreme hospitality.
CORAN boutique spa are created by one Japanese. Nowadays, Japanese stores, entertainments. restaurants and hotels keep the highest quality for services. We believe that this is about consideration and hospitality. We always care a small matter and thing as you don’t normally notice . To see guest’s smile, we always try our best to serve.

This is a about CORAN boutqiqu spa.
Please experience us and feel ripple in your body and mind. See you soon.