Ayurveda is one of the world’s three major ancient medicines that has been passed down for over 5,000 years and originated in ancient India. Composed of two Sanskrit words, ayus (life) and veda (science/knowledge), it means “science of life”.

In Sri Lanka as well, it is still rooted in traditional medicine today. In both India and Sri Lanka, treatment and diet therapy are performed based on the idea of ​​”Tri-dosha theory”. Based on the theory called Tri-dosha theory, we diagnose the three life energies called “Vata”, “Pitta”, and “Kapha”. We will read each person’s physical balance and mental disorder.

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What is Shirodhara?

It is one of the most popular treatments in Ayurveda.
“Shiro” in Shirodhara means “Shiro” in Sanskrit. As the name suggests, it treats the head.

“Chakra” is a very important energy point that connects you and the universe by releasing it. It is a place that can be called the center of the body’s “Qi”, and there are from the 1st chakra to the 7th chakra.

Shirodhara stimulates the sixth chakra, called the “third eye”, located in the center of the forehead. You can expect various effects depending on the person who received it, such as “my head was refreshed” and “I slept deeply before I knew it”.

What is “Marma Point”?

Ayurveda’s unique energy point called “Marma”. It is said to be related to the “meridians” of ancient Chinese medicine.The word “Marma” means “vulnerable” or “sensitive”, and according to the Ayurvedic classic “Sushruta Samhita”, humans have 107 Marma points. While it is useful for improving the body, there are also areas that are vital points.

Marma is considered to be a very sensitive and important place where stress and impurities from lifestyle habits can accumulate over time and can disrupt the flow of energy and consciousness in the body. Therefore, in Ayurveda, there are treatments that promote the recovery of the body by moderately stimulating the Marma points.

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