What is Kapha constitution?

In the Kapha constitution diagnosis, those who are diagnosed as having increased Kapha can be said to have an innate Kapha constitution. Excess Kapha energy can lead to poor physical condition, and conversely, insufficient energy can lead to poor physical condition.

For those who are Kapha, it can be understood that their original character traits and health are likely to be impaired due to the disturbance of Kapha energy.Learn how to balance your Kapha and take the first step towards a healthier life if you’re over- or under-scored.

What type of Kapha?

It can be said that many people with the Kapha type are calm and considerate of others.

It has the energy of water and earth, and has an all-embracing sense of stability and generosity.

I am the type of person who can persevere and face the challenges in front of me.

You have a pacifist mindset and value harmony and emphasis. It takes a long time to remember things, but once you learn something, you never forget it.

There are many Kapha types who are conservative and support organizations behind the scenes rather than standing above them. However, there is also a side that makes it difficult to say what you want to say inside yourself.

Outwardly, it has a solid skeleton and thick bones.

Many people have a chubby physique, and Kapha type people tend to gain weight easily and have difficulty losing weight.The skin is oily and sticky.Speak and move slowly.  It tends to be sensitive to humidity and cold.

When Kapha is disturbed

The cause of Kapha imbalance starts with lack of stimulation.

When the days of inertia lead to laziness, the Kapha increases and there is no desire to do anything.

In addition, repeated unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise disrupt the balance of Kapha.

In particular, you need to be careful not to eat too many sweets and fatty foods.

It’s easy to get stressed because you often keep it hidden at home, and you may become depressed when your Kapha is out of balance.If I underestimate myself, I tend to fall into depression when Kapha is out of balance. At such times, I lose the motivation to do anything and become lethargic and lazy.

They can also be very picky, obsessive, and stubborn.You need to be careful not to lose sight of your true self by listening to the opinions of those around you.

◇Specifically, physical disorders when Kapha is disturbed include the following.

– The body cools down, making it easier for fat to accumulate

– Loss of appetite and weakness

– Cells retain water and cause swelling.

– Oily hair and skin

– Always sleepy

– suffer from respiratory problems such as cough and rhinitis

For those who experience these symptoms, the Kapha energy may be disturbed.

When Kapha is well balanced

Full of charity, with a gentle heart and generosity.

Calm and calm, you have the ability to persevere and get things done. Also, the deterioration of physical condition when Kapha is disturbed will be improved.

Lifestyle habits for Kapha

◇ Be consciously active

People with the Kapha type tend to sleep too much at home on their days off and spend most of their time lazing around.Being inactive amplifies Kapha energy and puts you in lazy mode, creating a vicious cycle.

Get into the habit of going outside and moving your body.Even just waking up early in the morning and taking a walk is effective in suppressing Kapha.

◇ Get into the habit of always keeping your body warm

People with a Kapha constitution tend to get cold easily and their metabolism tends to decrease.

The cold makes it easier to get subcutaneous fat.It is important to take time to bathe every day, and massaging the lower body to promote the flow of lymph is also effective in raising body temperature.

-Find ways to release stress

When Kapha increases, it becomes easier to store up thoughts and feelings, so it is important to find a way to change your mood.  It may be good to actively challenge new things.Change your mind by moving your body and capture things positively.

Dietary habits that regulate Kapha

Kapha is characterized by heaviness, coldness, oiliness, and dampness. People with Kapha constitution will lose balance if these energies are increased too much, so it is necessary to try to eat the opposite nature.  Let’s be conscious of food that has been warm and cooked and healthy meals that are low in fat.

・Ingredients you should take

spicy food

bitter food

food with bitter taste

Wild vegetables

hot soup

Spicy food that warms the body

Ginger, garlic, etc.

cooked leafy vegetables


dry ingredients


・Ingredients that should not be eaten

sweet food

sour food

salty food

oily food

raw vegetables

cold drink

Fried food


・Be careful when eating

Chew and eat slowly. Avoid snacking as much as possible. Do not drink too much water during or after meals as digestive power is weak. Intermittent fasting can also help. People with Kapha constitution have weak digestion, and the undigested ama will produce fat, so refrain from foods that are difficult to digest.

Also, body fat is easy to get cold, and when it gets cold, it hardens and becomes difficult to burn, so be conscious of keeping your body warm at all times.

Summary of Kapha

People with the Kapha constitution are generally gentle, cooperative, and have a wonderful personality that makes them well-liked by everyone. However, he has a conservative side and often becomes lazy because he hates change.

I have a tendency to accumulate stress, so it is important to do my own way of releasing stress and always be willing to take on new challenges in order not to increase my Kapha.