What is a Pitta constitution?

 In the Pitta constitution diagnosis, those who are diagnosed as having increased pitta can be said to have been born with Pitta constitution.Excessive pitta energy can lead to poor health, while insufficient Pitta energy can lead to poor health.

If you are a Pitta, it is easy to lose your original personality traits and health when your Pitta energy is disturbed.  Learn how to balance your Pitta and take the first steps towards a healthier life if you score too much or too little.

What type of Pitta?
Many Pitta types are enthusiastic and enthusiastic about taking on challenges. You have the energy to keep going in a straight line while planning towards your goals.

– You are the type of person who can show leadership on top of people.
– You have a perfectionist side and is characterized by continuing to do things until he is satisfied.
– You have a strong sense of justice and hates being crooked.
– You also seem to have a short temper.

It has the energy of fire and water, and depending on the balance, there is a difference in personality among pitta types.

Fire energy has the power of digestion, and by enhancing it, it promotes the functioning of the stomach and intestines and prevents accumulation of undigested toxins in the body. Conversely, if the balance of energy is disturbed, the power of digestion weakens and it becomes easy to leave ama (toxins) in the body.

In terms of appearance, most of them are of medium build and middle height, and many of them have a well-balanced style. In addition, it is easy to get sunburned and has a nice brown skin color. You don’t like hot places and you sweat a lot. It also features flexible joints.

When pitta is disturbed
Pitta can get out of balance with too much oil, alcohol, spicy food, caffeine, and stimulants.
This causes physical discomfort and affects the body in various ways.

Mentally, they are short-lived and irritated by trifles.
If you are a perfectionist and people around you feel a difference in temperature, fewer people will follow you, and it may be easier for you to make enemies.

Specifically, when the pitta is disturbed, it is easy to get into such a state.

– Easy to get rough skin, acne and rashes
– persistent diarrhea
– to sweat profusely
– stomach pain and heartburn
– more gray hair
– bad breath and body odor

Increased susceptibility to duodenal ulcers, heart disease, stomach ulcers, and liver disease If you experience these symptoms, your pitta energy may be disturbed.

When pitta is in balance
When the pitta energy is well balanced, there is a lot of room in the heart and the passionate energy of the heart flares up.You can make positive and calm decisions in whatever you do, and you will be able to build good relationships with people around you.

As a physical feature, bowel movements become better and comfortable.
In addition, since the power of digestion is strengthened, body fat is less likely to accumulate and the body becomes lighter. It encourages the elimination of waste products. The deterioration of physical condition mentioned above when pitta is disturbed will be improved.

Lifestyle habits to balance Pitta
◇ Lower body temperature
When your pitta is out of balance, your body tends to overheat and move emotionally, making it difficult to make calm decisions.Try to temporarily lower your body temperature.

However, if you continuously lower your body temperature, your metabolism may decrease, making it easier to accumulate body fat. Rather than cooling the body, let’s have an image of letting out the heat that is trapped outside.

◇ Think about the people around you and relax
It is important for Pittas to develop a sense of compassion for family, friends, and loved ones, rather than letting their heads fill up with personal goals and ambitions. Get in touch with nature and try to incorporate the four seasons into your life. It is also recommended to go on a trip and forget about everyday life and relax.

Dietary habits that regulate pitta
Pitta, who has a strong fire energy, is basically not suitable for foods that generate heat in the body.
Avoid spicy foods and try to eat sweet foods that contain a lot of water.
Avoiding hunger also helps control pitta.

・Ingredients you should take
sweet food
bitter food
food with bitter taste
raw vegetables

・Ingredients that should not be eaten
spicy food
sour food
salty food
food containing fat
*Spices may amplify pitta, but spices such as peppermint, turmeric, coriander, and cardamom work well together, so there is no problem in incorporating them.

・Be careful when eating
eat deliciously
eat without complaining
Fill your heart with food.

Summary of pitta
Pitta types are very passionate and have the aptitude to stand above others with leadership qualities.It is very attractive to see things go straight to the goal in an orderly manner with perfectionism.

On the other hand, it is easy to get antipathy from people and tend to make enemies. It can be said that people with strong pitta energy tend to lose their balance, so let’s review our lifestyle and eating habits so that we can take the heat out of our bodies and stay calm.