What is Vata constitution?

In the vata constitution diagnosis, it can be said that those who are diagnosed as having increased vata energy are born with vata constitution. Excessive vata energy can lead to poor health, and conversely, insufficient energy can lead to poor health.

If you are a vata type, it is easy to see that your original personality traits and health are easily damaged by the disturbance of vata energy. Learn how to balance vata and take the first steps towards a healthier life if you’re over- or under-scored.

What type of Vata?
In a nutshell, Vata types are unconventional and free-spirited types. Characterized by being imaginative and original.There is also a part that is a little nervous and shy.

Vata is made up of cold and empty energy elements, and because of its high fluidity, Vata type people will quickly get sick and lose weight if they do not keep their energy balance.

In terms of external characteristics, it is said that many Vata types tend to be thin and slender, and they are either tall or short.  The skin tends to be dry and cold, and the hair is also dry.  It is also characterized by the fact that the nails are prone to cracking.

WhenVata is disturbed
Vata is disturbed by irregular life.
If you skip meals or have irregular sleep times, your energy balance is likely to collapse.

Vata types tend to be very active, but they tend to get tired more easily, and lack of sleep quickly throws the Vata balance out of whack.It is easy to lose balance at the turn of the season, so be sensitive to changes in temperature.

When vata is disturbed, it is easy to be in such a state.
– Increased anxiety, distrust and restlessness
– Body gets cold and metabolism slows down
– Increased dryness and deterioration of skin and hair
– Digestion is weakened, and stomach pain and stomach heaviness frequently occur
– Lose appetite
– The ability to excrete weakens and accumulates waste products
– Disturbed menstrual cycle
– Frequent headaches
– Chronic joint pain
If you experience these symptoms, your Vata may be disturbed.

When Vata is in balance
– Be enthusiastic and active.
-It’s fast to remember even if you work on new things.
-Creative and full of ideas.
– Ability to make intuitive judgments.
– You can afford to be optimistic and generous.
– When the Vedas are well balanced, these are the conditions.
– Also, the physical problem when the balance of the Vedas is bad will be recovered.

lifestyle habits that balance Vata
◇Relaxation and Healing
Vata constitutions are active and therefore consume a lot of energy, so it is necessary to heal their fatigue.

You can relax with your favorite scent and music, and it is very important to soak in the bathtub every day.The sympathetic nerves tend to become active, so when you get home, try to relax and give the parasympathetic nerves the upper hand.By doing so, you can get a good quality sleep and heal your fatigue.

Suppress your urge to go out and be active on your days off, and make it an option to spend time slowly when you feel unwell.

◇Temperature rise and moisture
People with vata constitution tend to have low body temperature.The coldness of the body significantly reduces metabolism and can also cause various diseases.

In order to improve body temperature, it is important to take a bath every day, but it is most recommended to increase muscle mass in order to fundamentally raise basal body temperature. Body temperature rises by doing strength training and increasing muscle mass. However, when training, it is essential to take in the necessary nutrients and rest to balance Vata.
Prefer deep muscle-strengthening methods such as Pilates and yoga to strenuous training.

Moisturizing the skin is also important to balance Vata, as it tends to dry out easily. It is also recommended to have a steam humidifier at home and to have an oil massage before going to bed.

Eating habits that regulate Vata
Basically, try to eat foods that are warm, that have been cooked through heat, and that use soft ingredients that are easy to digest.

Foods with a certain amount of oil are also recommended for controlling Vata.
It is very effective to actively use ingredients that raise body temperature such as ginger and spices such as pepper in cooking.

・Ingredients you should take
sweet food
sour food
salty foods nuts
ripe fruit
dairy products
brown rice

・Ingredients that should not be eaten
Spicy food
food with bitter taste
bitter food
raw vegetables
dry food

・Be careful when eating
eat while
Eating while standing
fast eating
Not bite
irregular diet
eating with bad posture
These things weaken digestion.
Also, you should pay attention to the time you eat.
It is important to eat at a set time every meal and not eat anything for 3 hours before going to bed.

Summary of Vata types
Vata types are imaginative and active, and their attitude of energetically taking on new challenges is very attractive. When vata is in balance, you will be able to take on many challenges and be more adaptable, adapting quickly to new surroundings.

However, you need to consciously take a good rest because you use a lot of energy on a daily basis and get tired easily.

Vata is easily disrupted in daily life, so let’s review your life once more and pay attention to your diet so that you can live a well-balanced daily life.