New Spa Promotion Package “TEA TREE” – Anti-inflammatory Treatment in March & April

It will be getting hot in March.

We provide lawsuits based on tea trees, which have a strong bactericidal and bactericidal action, as the humidity increases.
It is a herb that is also suitable for mental care, so please try it.
The following effects can be expected from tea tree.

・ Effect for the mind
It helps us to catch things positively. It relieves anxiety, gives confidence and activates.

・ Effect on body
The most important point is to have a strong anti-infective effect. It also boosts immunity to prevent recurrent infections.
Suitable for various infectious diseases such as cold, flu, bronchitis.

・ Effect on skin
It is effective for bacterial and fungal dermatitis. It also has the effect of reducing inflammation and healing wounds.

    “Tea Tree” – 180 min

    • Tea Tree body scrub 30 min
    • Shower + Full body massage with Tea Tree Oil 90 min
    • CORAN A La Maison Facial Treatment 60 min

    This promotion package will be started on 1st March 2020. Thank you,