New Treatment “KUSURI” – Promotion price for offering new treatment –

Do you know Javenese turmeric?
It is called “Wann Chuck Moruk” in Thai language. Moruk means “uterus”. It is a super herb for female. It has long been useful as one of the very important herbs in Thai traditional medicine. It is considered to be highly effective in menopausal disorders such as uterine fibroids and women’s diseases such as irritability and anxiety. It also exerts many effects on beauty. It is said that it gives tension to muscles and skin, and there are whitening, skin beautifulness, anti-aging effect, constipation improvement. CORAN boutique spa use what we brought up with pesticide-free carefully in our own organic farm “Jansuda organic herb garden”. It is a treatment that we would like to offer those who can not feel well such as poor health or fatigue because of rainy season. After the treatment is complete, we will prepare a cup of tea. Available at Nana Store, Dream Hotel Store and Pattaya Store.

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